How to learn Kung Fu through Lessons & Private Instruction

Authentic Kung Fu is handed down from parent to child as a personal investment which creates an everlasting bond and builds strong foundations and even today, teachers treat students as family by sharing their secrets. Kung Fu, the ancient Chinese martial art, may be learnt even if there isn’t a school nearby or your schedule […]

Top 2 Martial Arts one needs to know to Survive in the Urban Jungle

Many of survivalists prefer to live as far off the grid as possible, but the ones who choose to live in the city have to learn the survival skills for urban environments and arm themselves with some street survival skills, as criminals prey on the weak. So what would you do if you’re surrounded by […]

The Top Sporting Events to Attend in 2019

Here is a list of the major sporting events, and even though not every one can be listed here, such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup, African Games, Copa América, the IAAF World Championships, and the inaugural World Urban Games, we tried to include all the major sports, so let us know if you think […]

Kick Boxing and Self Defense Classes in USA

You can prepare yourself now by starting a class on how to defend without a weapon, and learning a martial art will keep you in top shape too. Cardio-kickboxing / kick-boxercise is easily the most popular method of getting fit, an exciting sport which combines all the different martial arts kicks with a full body […]