The Top Sporting Events to Attend in 2019

Here is a list of the major sporting events, and even though not every one can be listed here, such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup, African Games, Copa América, the IAAF World Championships, and the inaugural World Urban Games, we tried to include all the major sports, so let us know if you think something is missing. You ought to know that events will be added, and so will the results.


It’s the roar of the crowd, the athleticism of the players, the stadium which quirks like enormous hot dogs, the full-time result and more. Hey, how many days did you enjoy sporting events? If you want to know which top events should you consider visiting, we are releasing the 2019 list today.


A sporting event is the chance to mix with locals, the opportunity to witness pride and embracing a way to experience a foreign land, and we’re seeing a big uptake in sporting events which got bigger. Even though the FIFA World Cup is dusted and the Olympics isn’t for another two years, you can still fill your with a bucket list for 2019. Check out our new sporting events calendar, where we’ve highlighted the most expected sporting events and presented it in a form of a list, so you can track the dates within our guideline.


Wimbledon, for instance, is a world-class event where regular people now got the opportunity to experience live during an exciting European trip. If you are a man you might consider hiring an escort for a memorable night, as they are very open minded, making it definitely a cool place to have some fun. For anyone who is interested but doesn’t have a partner, this is a great solution!


  1. AFC Asian Cup (Football)

From the Far East to the Middle East, the top Asian nations will meet compete for the AFC Asian Cup UAE with 24 participating nations, from 5 January to 1 February. The winning team becomes the champion of Asia and the last one was held in Australia while the next will be held in the UAE.


  1. World Championships (Handball)

The 2019 IHF World Men’s Handball Championship will be held in Denmark and Germany, and this is going to be a first Championship that will include more than a one host member.


  1. Audi FIS Ski World Cup (Skiing)

Based in the heart of skiing, the event invites some of the world’s best skiers on the 1st of January to Oslo.


  1. Int’l Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo

Producers will showcase their latest innovations and increase mind-share, meet their customers, increase sales and develop new business relationships. Held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China Int’l Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo is exhibiting advanced equipment, fitness apparel, supplements, smart health product, as well as the latest products and style.


  1. Australian Grand Prix (motorsport)

Set against the backdrop of Melbourne, the 2019 Formula One is easily the most popular motorsport event, which promises to get the season off to a roaring start every year.

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