Top 2 Martial Arts one needs to know to Survive in the Urban Jungle

Many of survivalists prefer to live as far off the grid as possible, but the ones who choose to live in the city have to learn the survival skills for urban environments and arm themselves with some street survival skills, as criminals prey on the weak. So what would you do if you’re surrounded by a dozen armed men? Read on to find out.

If you were one of those guys who learnt to break little boards and dreamt of becoming the baldest man, consider your dreams shattered as today there are martial arts taught around the world, and you’ve still got some learning to do. When it comes to self-defense, knowing certain special techniques will help you if you are met with an opponent who is committed to taking you down, as it will hopefully allow you to walk away, and there are different forms you can choose from. There are countless reasons why one may decide to train, so the following are some of the most popular trends in martial arts.

  1. Kickboxing

A smart move is to quickly grab his hand if your attacker is holding a gun and hit him on the nose, but you’ll also be trained to endure damage. Kickboxing trains you to be good at using your hands, knees and head, in order to defend yourself against an unarmed attacker by quickly sending him a hard kick fast, so if you do it correctly, you’ll successfully break his jaw or break his teeth.

What the common folk usually want to know is how to judge a martial art according to its combat worthiness and this increasing need to know what will work on the streets spread to styles invented by bodyguards. Self defense skills are vital when certain situations occur, such as a natural disaster or any number of other things so that when it does happen, you might be able to save a life and prepare yourself mentally. The problem with most approaches is that they evolve around conflict, but this is not what martial art were designed, as traditionally they are intended to teach physical and spiritual discipline, and man as a species rose to the top of the food chain as a result of his wits.

  1. Karate

It emphasizes using the practitioner’s legs, making it one of the most effective to use for practicing self-defense. After World War II, this martial arts discipline became popular among American soldiers and recently, it was also announced to be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Should you decide to train in Karate, it is most important to get as good as you can at the basics (stances, kicks, hand strikes) by training them often.

If you are interested in martial arts for self-defense, it’s crucial to understand that some martial arts are more effective in fending off violent attacks, which is why we’re sharing a list of the most effective disciplines for self-defense, after we’ve witnessed their effectiveness in real life situations.

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