How to learn Kung Fu through Lessons & Private Instruction

Authentic Kung Fu is handed down from parent to child as a personal investment which creates an everlasting bond and builds strong foundations and even today, teachers treat students as family by sharing their secrets. Kung Fu, the ancient Chinese martial art, may be learnt even if there isn’t a school nearby or your schedule doesn’t allow it, as long as you’re committed, even though it won’t be easy. Ving Tsun Kung Fu is a Southern Chinese Martial Art that is rooted in improving the quality of life through efficiency, relaxation of the mind while facing attacks and intent focused on victory.


Ving Tsun Kung Fu is taught in private lessons and regular training programs, which are useful to students seeking a way to learn outside of group classes held at regular times. You should clean out an area of your home, since you’ll be basically tearing through whatever’s in front of you and designate an area to be for your kung fu practice sessions, if you don’t have an empty room. Far too many students attend the regular group classes, but if you want a more intensive program, to improve at a faster pace, refine your techniques, sharpen your forms or polish on your Wushu fundamental drills to prepare for your next belt test, strengthening and conditioning exercises maximize your performance, and private lessons are the best ways to reach your next level.


Chinese martial arts aren’t about just one kung fu, even if you might have seen kung-fu moves or heard about the self-defense benefits, so if you want to learn, there are resources readily available. As other martial arts in the world, the kung fu has a specific character, beginning with primitive men dancing to celebrate their hunting success and using some hunting movements to survive in an extremely hostile environment. While Ving Tsun is simple, it’s challenging to gain proficiency and mastery, thus private lessons can help you get the most from your kung fu, as group classes don’t work for everyone, although they are highly useful.


If you have experienced the benefits of traditional training, you probably know that private or very small group lessons result in true understanding, as personalized lessons allows for the learning of techniques and terminology of the martial arts and every person has a personal reason for learning Kung Fu. In ancient times, a great deal of kung fu was passed on to students in a personal way, attracting disciples who seeked to learn from an authentic sifu, a lineage extends back to the roots of the Ving Tsun system in feudal China. Being fighting styles, Kung Fu advocates against aggression, a common value upheld by martial artists regardless of the number of movement sets and weapon skills, keeping thus its original function.


Individual attention helps you hear every detail, can help you focus on your goals, such as fitness, Martial Arts Competition, PTSD or overcoming physical limitations, and it is  well suited to a busy life, without forcing you to choose one priority.

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